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Some boxes aim to emulate an actual penetration test experience while others are more game-oriented. This box falls into the latter category, but serves as a great training experience for several r...

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Lesson Learned?

This box is fantastic in it’s simplicity and offers a great opportunity to practice manual and automated SQLi testing without a lot of other noise going on. Big thank you to Tib3rius for the work...

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This was a great box, thanks to Anof for putting it together. It’s especially nice that the question set guides us through what to work on next so that we can concentrate on the how. Link to room:...

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This was an older room when I did it, yet there were only a handful of write-ups. I noticed that they all seem to magically jump to the correct vulnerable Wordpress plugin without a good explanatio...

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Link to room: https://tryhackme.com/room/b3dr0ck This was a fun room with it’s Flintstones theme and easter eggs. We also get to play with certificates a little bit, which is a less common techniq...

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Cat Pictures

Link to room: Cat Pictures Enumeration Our initial run of nmap gives us a small attack surface: ┌──(user㉿kali-linux-2022-2)-[~] └─$ nmap -sC -sV Starting Nmap 7.94 ( https://nmap.or...

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Forgotten Implant

Forgotten Implant is an interesting and unique challenge created by Ingo for the TryHackMe platform. Enumeration We start this adventure as usual with an nmap scan, but the result shows all ports...